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With a tight in-house team of qualified Carpenters and Joiners we can personally ensure that each project is competently managed and executed with care and detail. Each project is allocated a qualified and licensed foreman with a team of qualified and experienced carpenters that they can rely on. As per our testimonials and awards the foreman and site crew become a tight nit group with our clients from the initial vision of the project through to completion.

We all genuinely pride ourselves on how we finish each job to a high standard ensuring our clients are happy with the result. We will always go above and beyond to make sure this happens. The group of suppliers and sub-contractors have worked closely with us over the past 8 years and are of the same view that each job finished to our high standards only helps bolster their position with BD Construction and future clients.

  HOY 2018 CMSC Gold QM    HOY 2018 CMSC Gold QM2 

   MB Canterbury 2017 Silver8    MB Canterbury 2017 Silver8  

   canterbury 2016 bronze4     




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The Passive House Institute is an Incorporated Charitable Trust which aims to educate the building industry and members of the public about improved energy efficiency in New Zealand buildings.     




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