health & safety

BD Construction is committed to the health & safety of its employees, customers, subcontractors and all other personnel working on or visiting sites under its control or influence.  

BD Construction's Health & Safety policy, supported by the policies and procedures contained in our Operations Manual clarifies and expands upon the commitment to provide a proactive preventative approach for the continuing development of a strong safety culture within the company.  This has enabled BD Construction to secure a number of top Health & Safety national awards over the past few years.

BD Construction are proud of the comprehensive safety policy, guidelines and commitments they have in place. Transforming the way our people and those around us think and behave, our goal is to embed safety as a way of life, every day at work and at home. 

Our health and safety policies meet the Secondary level requirements of ACC Workplace Safety Management Practices, BD Construction have also consistently attained high standards in the Sitewise  prequalification assessment and we are focused on continuous improvement.

We also provide Health Monitoring and First Aid training to our employees through TriEx Health, Safety & Wellness. 



  • Sitewise NZ logo Site Safe NZ Member

    As a member of Site Safe NZ Ltd, we’re committed to follow all the legal requirements set out by the Health & Safety in Employment Act 1992.

  • Safeguard logo Safeguard

    The New Zealand Workplace Health & Safety Awards 2013 – Finalist.

  • Site Safe Accreditation logo Site Safe Accreditation

    BD Construction has achieved Tier 1 (Safety Systems) & Tier 2 (Safety Behaviours) accreditation with Site Safe NZ.

  • Worksafe – Partners in Action logo Worksafe – Partners in Action

    BD Construction has signed up for the Workplace – ‘The Partners in Action Pledge’.

  • Site Safe logo Site Safe

    2012 Construction Health and Safety Awards. The MSA Safety Leadership Award – Finalist.


    BD Construction has met the Secondary level requirements for ACC Workplace Safety Management Practices.

  • Safety Charter logo Safety Charter Member

    We’ve signed up to the Canterbury Rebuild Safety Charter. Read more at